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Mediate2Resolve is a one-stop, all inclusive package for any couple or partnership going though a dissolution of any kind.   We can provide the platform to retain your voice, lower your costs and expedite the resolution of any dissolution related conflict.

In addition to family disputes, we specialize in elder care conflicts.  So many adult children and caregivers are struggling with difficult and challenging circumstances in determining the best care for an elderly parent or family member. Issues such as residence decisions, dividing and sharing caregiving duties, sale of home/asset divisions, medical treatment and relationships with family members and professionals.

Mediation is a facilitated process that provides you the foundation for family decision making. It’s private and confidential.

  • Dissolutions
  • Family Business and Elder Care Disputes
  • Estate Planning and More
    • Residence and Assisted Living Transitions
    • Family Relationships
    • Management of Medical Care
    • Dividing Caregiving Duties
    • Sale of Homes and/or Division of Assets
    • Case Management